Friday, January 23, 2009


It was my birthday on the 22nd, my wife and I went out to for a movie and dinner to celebrate. We went to the Dynaciy shopping center in Odawara. The movie we saw was Hell Boy 2, The Golden Army. It was very entertaining. Later we had supper at an Italian restraunt (にんにく屋).

The very next day at work, I drew a little boy who just had his birthday on the 23rd. He wanted to be drawn with a sea turtle. As you can see, we had a lot of fun playing with Doraemon and Dorami!

Sunday, January 4, 2009





A. ①プラスチックフレームを無料でサービス
   ②白木プラスチックフレームを525円引きで提供 (1,575円→1,050円)
 * 一枚の絵につき、一つサービス&①のサービスは在庫がなくなり次第終了となります。

B. 〝顔のみ〟料金で〝体付き〟にグレードアップ


Jerry's Holiday

Here are some of the fun things I got to do during my Christmas and New Year Holiday.

First, at the Enoshima Aquarium I got to see Santa and his reindeer...

On January 2nd I saw the runners from the Hakone Ekiden race as it passed through Chigasaki. The picture is very small, so you'll have to get out your magnifying glass to see the runner....

After watching the race I went to the beach to take my picture with Mount Fuji...

Later that evening I had fun drawing pictures with my niece...