Saturday, December 11, 2010

Keisuke Honda drawing

My latest contest drawing is of Japanese soccer superstar Keisuke Honda. He's one of the key players on the Japanese national soccer team and a very popular figure in sports media.
The team slogan for the national soccer team is "Samurai Blue." For that reason I wanted to do a blue themed drawing of him. I first made the base drawing with gray markers and then added the coloring on top with artstix. He also has brightly colored hair so I wanted to emphasize that aspect as well. I tried to make the background very sporty looking simulating the designing of sport logos.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brian and Beau come to Japan!

Last month world renown American caricature artists Brian Oakes and Beau Hafford came to Japan to visit our wonderful country. The spent time seeing the sights around the Tokyo area and held a seminar at Caricature Japan's Caricature Festa.

During their busy visit, they took the time to give a special drawing demonstration to some of the artists from our company. They explained the drawing techniques they learned from their company in America. The focused on the quick sketch without doing a pre sketch.
Not only did we learn some new techniques, we also had a fun time watching them draw and getting to share with them our caricature experiences.
Brian did this drawing of me with a sea turtle. Since he works at Sea World in America, his drawings of customers with sea creatures has always been a great source of inspiration not only for myself, but for all the members of our company. Thank you Brian and Beau for taking the time from you busy vacation to draw for us!