Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Customer Drawings

Here are some of my recent drawings from the aquarium. There are a lot of fun customers with fun requests.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another new look for the Enoshima Aquarium caricature booth

Starting from September, the caricature booth at the Enoshima Aquarium will be located next to the secnond floor entrance to the patio.

There also were new pen stands constructed espcially for the booth...

There were a lot of happy cutomers at our booth during the summer vacation holiday. Please  enjoy some of their pictures.


Lately, the walrus has been a very popular sea crature...

Digital Drawings

These are some drawings I made recently on the computer.

This is Japanese singer Yuujirou Ishihara. I did the sketch in ink first and finished the drawing using Photoshop. I've been studying the Inking and Photoshop tutorials from Tom Rcihmond's blog which have been very helpful for learning new techniques.
This drawing of Michael Jackson was made from an ink sketched and then finished using Paint Shop Pro.