Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Extended Hours for Golden Week ゴールデンウィーク営業時間


Caricature Japan is extending it's business hours for the Enoshima Aquarium booth for Golden Week. The business hours are as follows...

Saturday, May 1st through May 4th, the booth will be open from 10:30 until 19:00.

On Wednesday May 5th the booth will be open from 10:30 until 18:00.

Come early or stay late to enjoy a caricature!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brothers Hildebrandt

Recently I was doing some research on the Internet and I thought I would check out some illustrators I remember from when I was young and into fantasy art. These illustrators are Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. They are mostly known for their fantasy illustration...

But they also have some very interesting caricature style comic drawings...

Please go to their official website to be inspired by more of their work....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Live Sketch

At the aquarium drawings with animals are as popular as ever. For those of you who are following my blog, you may have noticed our various services which make it very easy to get a grade up drawing with your favorite sea creature.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

4月の早割サービス。April Early Bird Service.

Back by popular demand, we are continuing our Early Bird service through the month of Arpil. It will be offered every day from April 1st through April 28th from 11:00 until 12:00. For the price of a "face only" drawing, you can get a "with body" grade up drawing. A 420 yen value!!

毎日バースデーサービス。 Every Day Birthday Service!

Every day someone has a birthday. Caricature Japan offers a Birthday Service to it's customers every day of the year. With the purchase of a caricature drawing, we can write your name, age, date and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on your drawing free of charge. This is a special way for you to commemorate your special day.

Happy Birthday の文字とお名前、年齢、日付を、ご希望に応じて無料でお入れします。

年間パスポートサービス。 Annual Passport Service reminder.

Just a reminder, Caricature Japan's Annual Passport service at the New Enoshima Aquarium will be in effect until Friday, April 23rd. This service is being offered to all Annual Passport, Kid's Club, Platinum Club and Individual Supporter members. We have the choice of one of the following services for these customers. The first service is a 525 yen discount on our plastic frames. The second opttion is a grade up service to get a "with body" drawing for the price of a "face only" drawing.

1月4日(月)より、新江ノ島水族館内の弊社ブースにおきまして、水族館の年間パスポート所有のお客様を対象とした、平日限定のサービスが再開されます。サービス期間の終了は4月23日(金)です。カラーのカリカチュアをご注文されると、以下の二つのうち、どちらかのサービスをご利用いただけます。①プラスチックフレーム(通常税込み1575円)を1050円でご購入②「顔のみ」料金(税込み1890円)で「体つき」にグレードアップ(②の場合は、動物と一緒にお描きできます。 )